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Diamond Community aims to bring together a very culturally rich diverse group of people, children and young people and celebrate our commonalities, learn and respect our differences and create a legacy for our children and their children to continue to grow and be proud to be part of.

The driving force behind these vision and goals within the organisation is the common goal of creating a legacy, as we are recognising more and more young people with amazing abilities.

holiday activities

Hosted every academic holiday including the Christmas Break, our  holiday activities encourage indoor and outdoor sports, utilising local venues including Handsworth Park and Leisure centre, swimming classes are also available.

With Activities for children 5 – 16 including:-

  • Holiday Club – for 5 – 10 year olds including swimming, arts and crafts, etc based at Handsworth leisure Centre, with easy access to Handsworth Park for endless hours of holiday fun to engage in games like What’s the Time Mr Wolf, Stuck in the Mud and the all-time favourite of Tag, these games can go on for hours.


  • Sports Camp, for 10 – 16 year olds, including trying different sporting activities including football, rounders, cricket, tennis, archery, basketball and much more!!!! 


  • 1-2-1 football sessions – this is a great opportunity to get that extra work in, especially for those that want to compete at elite level including semi professional and professional competition.  



These groups include Fitness Sessions,  baking groups, sewing groups and plans are for a weekly timetable of activities including a Dad’s group with the core motive of promoting conversation, socialising and engagement for men. 

The Fitness sessions grew from a common interest in keeping fit but dubious of gyms etc, these parents all keen on fitness approached the academy coaches and they volunteered to run this weekly with general exercise, motivation and social interaction.

Get involved


Starting in September 2021 - Diamond Academy sports will be partnering with Inspiring the Young to deliver 'Access To Sport' a 18 Week Traineeship Combined with a opportunity to participate in our Under 19 Football Team. Interested????? Contact us for more information


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Do you have some free time, maybe a day a week or more? Do you want to gain work experience to help you find employment or change employment sectors? Come and help us and we can help you with experience in childcare settings including After School/ Holiday Clubs, coaching different sports business development and much more !!!!

Season 18/19 Celebration


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